Edu4all Disability as Diversity
الإعاقة كتنوع: دمج الطلاب
ذوي الإعاقة في التعليم العالي
Edu4all Disability as Diversity

الإعاقة كتنوع: دمج الطلاب ذوي الإعاقة في التعليم العالي

الإجتماع الإفتتاحي

Kick Off Meeting

18-19 Jan. 2021

Minutes Day 1
1-Welcome The coordinator Dr. Eman Daraghmi, Palestine Technical University – Kadoorie (PTUK), welcomed all the participants in the meeting. She then summarized the project idea and objectives, and explained the agenda of the meeting and what is expected from the meeting. 2- PTUK president official opening of the project Dr. Derar Eleyan spoke on behalf of Prof. Noor Aburob, President of PTUK and announced the launch of the project. He welcomed all partners and thanked them for working on an idea that serve a very important part of our societies – disabled students. He also welcomed any future cooperation in projects and research. 3- Erasmus+ office Dr. Nedal Jayousi, Director of the National Erasmus+ Office in Palestine congratulated the partners for winning the project, and he stated the importance of Erasmus+ projects in developing the universities particularly in Palestine and Jordan. Dr. Nedal then presented key ideas about the management of Erasmus+ projects. He explained how Easmus+ office will monitor the development of the project. 4- Partners presentations Each partner presented an information about his organization. Also, each partner explained the role of the organization in the project. 5- Work package discussions The first part of this session was about the management of the project led by PTUK. The management tasks and the role of each partner were explained. The partners also discussed the schedule of tasks for the first year and agreed on starting/ending dates of the first-year tasks. They also agreed on the steering committee and WP lead committee. The second part of the session was about quality control and monitoring led by UPV/EHU. The partners discussed the quality control framework that will be prepared by UPV/EHU. All required templates will be prepared in this WP. The PSD addressed the issue of preparing the project logo stating that the logo is almost ready. Minutes Day 2 1- Opening The coordinator, Dr. Eman Daraghmi, started the meeting, summarized the output of the day 1 meeting, and explained the agenda of day 2. 2- Work package discussions The first part of this session was about Professional development: Staff, Accessible curriculum, and Tools in work package 2 led by UoA. The tasks in this WP and the role of each partners were explained. The partners agreed on the first development meeting which will be in Athens in 15/Sep/2021. Also, the partners discussed the inclusion unit and agreed that the lab equipment will be the same for all partners HEIs while the disability statement can be different based on each HEI conditions. The second part was about the preparation work package led by INU. The tasks of reviewing current practice, regulations and requirements of disabled student educations were reviewed. INU presented a questionnaire prepared to collect data related to disabled students in Palestine and Jordan. The Palestine and Jordanian HEIs agreed on a meeting to discuss the questionnaire. The third part was about the dissemination work package led by UJ. In this session, UJ presented the dissemination tasks and asked all partners to cooperate by sending project results to UJ for dissemination. The PSD will cooperate with UJ to prepare the website and publish all related materials on the website.