Edu4all Disability as Diversity

Disability as Diversity :The Inclusion of Students
with Disabilities in Higher Education


About Edu4ALL

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Edu4ALL aims at supporting the inclusion of students with disabilities in HE by establishing an “Inclusive Education Unit” that follows the international standards with the objective of equality in Education, Activities, and Services. We target students who are blind or low vision, deaf or hard of hearing, or those who have motor disability. To achieve the general aim of the project four sub-aims are identified: reaching the target students to increase their participations in university programs, professional development for staff to teach and to serve those students, equitable access and high-quality education, and maintaining sustainability.

  • To raise the awareness about the inclusive education among students with disabilities.
  • To build the capacity of staff to teach and to serve students with disabilities through professional development.
  • To improve the level of competencies and skills of staff at PC HEIs by (i) training visits for staff to EU partners to modernize Inclusive Education expertise in  innovative learning (ii) providing research collaboration opportunities with EU staff through joint- supervision of students’ projects.
  • To support students with disabilities in HE.
  • To establish the Inclusive Education Unit at PC HEIs.
  • To modernise the disability statement at PC HEIs. 
  • To modernise laboratories at PC HEIs equipped with the needed assistive technologies to be used for teaching and research.
  • To enhance equality in education by including students with disabilities in university programs
  • To empower people with disabilities and prepare them for future careers.
  • To create opportunities of collaboration between academia and industry.
  • To develop training tutorials for faculty and staff that are compatible with the best EU practice guides in order to be used for staff training.
  • To gain the required experience in defining the quality framework for the project, implementing project quality assurance control process and generating of project quality reports.