Edu4all Disability as Diversity

Disability as Diversity :The Inclusion of Students
with Disabilities in Higher Education

Edu4ALL Workshop at PTC

Edu4ALL Workshop at PTC Deir Al-Balah

Nov. 29th 2021

Project team (Edu4All) organized a workshop today titled “Development of Academic Capabilities in Integration of Students with Disabilities in Higher Education” in the presence of members of the academic body in the college at Hisham Abu Sayedu Hall, College Headquarters in Deir Balah. This workshop comes as part of the Edu4All project activities, which aims to transfer the experience gained from the training of capacity building that was held at the National University of Athens for the rest of the academies of the Palestinian Technical College – Deir Al-Balah, And was welcomed by the dean of the college Dr. Haitham lives in attendance, started his support for Erasmus Plus projects and also emphasized the importance of this project that serves students with disabilities. And in his turn, the Project Manager was presented in the college of Dr. Ezzadin is an aggression about the project, its objectives, and the importance of the college’s participation, and putting attendance in another picture of its development and its progress where the team is forcing the purchase of the project equipment which is a helping technologies that serve students with disabilities to integrate into the educational process In the college And on his side, Dr. confirmed. Mansour Al-Ayoubi on the necessity of taking advantage of the legislation for students with disabilities in Greek Higher Education Institutions and linking it in Palestinian legislation And on her side I confirmed D. Shaza Abu Salim on the role of volunteering, its aspects and importance for students with disabilities. That time I showed A Kurds live how to build an accessible environment by students with disabilities and the challenges they can face While the Dr show Ezz Al-Din is the aggression of aid technology that supports students with disabilities And it’s clear a . Badran instead of productive books accessible by students with disabilities At the end of the meeting, it was agreed to hold more training meetings; to enhance the capacity of the academic staff.