Edu4all Disability as Diversity

Disability as Diversity :The Inclusion of Students
with Disabilities in Higher Education


Int@E UG is a  German firm which provides vocational training, training innovative computer  and medical technology, knowledge management, mobile learning, e-learning and software training,  collaborative research and innovation, quality assessment, organizational analysis and organizational development to help education institutions of all kinds achieve greater excellence, navigate change, Knowledge transfer and strengthen the University-Enterprise linkage,  and drive more powerful partnerships. Int@E UG experts have a long track record experience in supporting reform processes in the field of Higher Education in third countries including the participation in several EU Programs such as Tempus and Erasmus Plus “OPATEL ” MediTec ” and Job-JO.

Int@E as an expert partner helps in organization of transfer of experience of current training to partners an actively participates in creation of common adapted model of Learning System for universities; also helps in enriching information base training with data from EU database.  Int@E team has an experience in  medical education and participate in many projects the field of  Information technology and medicine.

Int@E participates in the project like a single Eropean IT Firm, therefore its experience of working on Eropean and World IT-markets will be playing a huge role in the project’s development.

Int@E will contribute to the project in different fields:

  1. Linking together modern teaching and training approaches
  2. Training of teacher and student
  3. Support of organizational activities
  4. Support of knowledge of transfer processes
  5. Int@E will also be responsible for dissemination of results of common work within the project

Team Members

Dr. Riyadh Qashi

Involved in different international projects. Performs research in area of computer networks, quality of service and routing protocols.Experience with IT projects, e-learning systems development and restructuring of computer networks. Was a PhD student in HTWK Leipzig and University Leipzig 2008-2011. During his study he was using many contacts to enterprises for applying the results of his work. 

He has a very good communication skills, academic expert in Tempus program, experience in international project such as Tempus and Erasmus + projects. He is experienced in developing IT-projects and skills in technical, user, and hardware infrastructure support. He was a manager for 11 Erasmus plus projects with HTWK Leipzig. Now Dr. Qashi he is a trainer at Int@E UG.

Dr. Riyadh Qashi

e-learning systems development

Dr. Hans-Joachim Lieske

Dr. Hans-Joachim Lieske has a PhD in Computer Sciences. He was a Assistent Professor for technical computer Science and Information technology at Leipzig University. Now Mr Lieske is a freelance trainer and trainer at Int@E.

Dr. Hans-Joachim Lieske

PhD in Computer Sciences

Ahmed Ashour

MBA Ahmed Ashour has more than seven years of experience in business development in Gaza Strip – Palestine. He has worked with different international agencies in Gaza in the field of economic development GIZ, UNDP, OXFAM and Mercy Corps.He is a certified and licensed trainer by CEFE training methodology ( and skilled in conducting business and capacity building training courses with a large training experience exceeding more than 1500 trainings hours.

 He worked in Gaza Strip perform feasibility studies and cost-benefit analyses, as well as develop and implement monitoring and evaluation mechanisms and benchmarking exercises. With diversified experience business consultation sessions. He is also the Co-founder of Elaunch business development incubator in Gaza strip.

Ahmed Ashour

business development


Mrs Ebdah is trainer of general practitioners of innovative education technology. She has an experience in collaborative research and knowledge transfer. She participated in many cultural forums and seminars for training in innovative and advanced technology. She worked for more than 4 years as a teacher. She had participated in Erasmus projects that aimed to promote the using of learning management system for teaching and learning the and partnership and establishment of interface structures between universities and enterprises OPATEL project. Also she manage 3 E+ CBHE projects (OPATEL, MediTec and Job-JO) with partners from Jordan, Iraq and Iran.

Juman Ebdah

trainer of general practitioners