Edu4all Disability as Diversity

Disability as Diversity :The Inclusion of Students
with Disabilities in Higher Education

Leipzig Development Training

Leipzig Development Training all groups

As part of #Edu4ALL project, a training workshop has been hosted by the Int@E UG in Leipzig, Germany during the period from 27th to 1st of July 2022. Dr. Riyadh Qashi, Int@E coordinator, welcomed all partners and briefly summarized training objectives and agenda. Also, he introduced training tutors to the attendees. 

The key theme of the training is focused on Self Organized Learning Environment (SOLE). Representatives from all partners in Palestine, Jordan Greek, Spain, and Germany including participating HEIs attended the training in person. The workshop considered various tips and tools for the creation of working materials to engage students with disability in university life. Several practical examples have been provided during the training workshop. All participants engaged in practical projects by forming teams to answer tasks assigned by the tutors. Answers and designed models were evaluated through a brainstorming session. The key purpose is to transfer expertise and to enable instructors to perform and administer practical skills among students with disability.

During the training workshop, a study visit to the German Centre for Accessible Reading has been arranged. All the #Edu4ALL partners have taken a look at a range of services and assistive technologies that are offered by the centre. 

In the final day of the training workshop, Kerstin Baldwin, who is the representative for people with disability in the city of Leipzig municipality Germany, presented a short talk about the services that are provided for people with disabilities in Leipzeg. All participants of all partners from Jordan Palatine, Greece, Spain and Germany have been awarded certificates for attending the training workshop. Dr. Eman Draghmi, project’s coordinator welcomed all attendees, briefly summarized the current state of the project emphasized the key impact of the training workshops on the partners in Palestine and Jordan, and thanked Int@E for their amazing organization to the training.