Edu4all Disability as Diversity

Disability as Diversity :The Inclusion of Students
with Disabilities in Higher Education

Minutes of the Management Meeting

Management meeting

“Edu4ALL – Second Management Meeting 28-30 July 2021

Within the activities of the Edu4ALL Project, the Management committee meet at University of Jordan -Aqaba during the days 28-30 July 2021 to discuss all activities that had been implemented during the First 6 months and discuss the next 6 months activities.
All partners attended the meeting.
From Palestine: PTUK (project coordinator), PSD, PTC, UUC
From Jordan: UJ, INU
And EU partners: UoA, INT@E, UPV/EHU

Edu4ALL is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union
Edu4ALL aims at supporting the inclusion of students with disabilities in HE by establishing an “Inclusive Education Unit” that follows the international standards with the objective of equality in Education, Activities, and Services. We target students who are blind or low vision, deaf or hard of hearing, or those who have motor disability.
To achieve the general aim of the project, four sub-aims are identified: reaching the
target students to increase their participations in university programs, professional development for staff to teach and
to serve those students, equitable access and high-quality education, and maintaining sustainability.