Edu4all Disability as Diversity

Disability as Diversity :The Inclusion of Students
with Disabilities in Higher Education

NEO field monitoring to Irbid National University

Field monitoring visit to INU on meeting room

Edu4ALL field monitoring visit was held on September, 19th, 2021 under the supervision of National Erasmus Office (NEO)- Jordan in Irbid National University (INU). In the meeting, key achievements and progress of Edu4ALL project that has been funded by European Union under Erasmus+ CBHE program were discussed. From Jordan, the University of Jordan (UJ) and Irbid National University (INU) are the participants in Edu4ALL project which is led by Palestine Technical University – Kadoorie. All members from UJ and INU attend the monitoring visit either onsite or online. Dr. Ahmad Alodat from INU Dr. Ismail Altaharwa and Dr. Alia Alghwiri from UJ presented accomplished achievements of Edu4ALL project. NEO-Jordan office, represented by Dr. Ahmad Abu-El-Haija, discussed the project progress in details. They valued the project objectives and accomplishments, and thanked project members for their cooperation and teamwork. Furthermore, Dr. Abu-El-Haija provided some suggestions and guidelines to help participants execute Edu4ALL project objectives successfully based on the European Union guidelines and rules.