Edu4all Disability as Diversity

Disability as Diversity :The Inclusion of Students
with Disabilities in Higher Education

The opening of the Accessibility Unit for Students with Disabilities at Al_Ummah University College

opening the "Accessibility Unit" for students with disabilities in UUC

“The opening of the Accessibility Unit for Students with Disabilities at Al_Ummah University College.”


Under the auspices of the administration of Al-Ummah University College, represented by Dr. Heba Barakat, and the supervision of Al- Awqaf and Islamic affairs Department in Jerusalem and the Palestinian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, funded and supported by the European Union, Erasmus+.

On Sunday morning, corresponding to 30/7/2023 AD, the Accessibility Unit was opened for students with disabilities at Al-Ummah University College, in the presence of the Director of the Erasmus Office in Palestine, Prof. Dr. Abdul Karim Daraghmeh, and a delegation on behalf of the Palestinian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research led by the Director General of Education Technician, Eng. Samer Musa, in the presence of Mr. Majdi Marei, Secretary General of the Palestinian General Union for Persons with Disabilities, and Dr. Dhafer Hassouna, Director of the Accessibility Unit at Palestine Technical University – Kadoorie.


The Dean of the College, Dr. Heba Barakat, and a group of academic, administrative and technical staff. And the  project team “Edu4all” led by Eng. Abdul Mohsen Al-Qwasmi  and Mr.Ayman  Al- Galayini welcomed them.

Barakat welcomed the guests and thanked the supporters in the European Union, and she also thanked Al- AWqaf department that covered the shortage that was not covered by the project.

Daraghmeh emphasized Erasmus’ special interest in this group of society and the projects related to them, foremost of which is the Education for All project. He affirmed his admiration for the new unit and the quality of the devices, equipment and systems that were provided to the unit. And the crew who did the shows around. He also affirmed Erasmus’ keenness to help Al-Ummah University College, as it is a newly joined Erasmus family, and encouraged the college’s management and staff to apply and run for leadership of new projects in the future.


In his turn, Merhi emphasized the human rights aspect, they have the right to learn on an equal basis with the rest of the students.

In addition to developing the culture thoughts about how to deal with this group of society and spreading awareness among them.

Eng. Samer mentioned that the Ministry’s is developing itself and its affiliated institutions, including universities and colleges, to be advanced and pioneering in the field of comprehensive higher education, to meet the requirements and needs of various types of disabilities.

He added that Al_ Ummah College, through this project, would have taken a big and giant step towards achieving that goal.



Al-Qawasmi said that with the support provided by the European Union for the Education for All Project – Erasmus Plus, the college now has a unit equipped with modern equipment and systems at a cost of approximately 57,000 euros. In addition to qualified staff from various academic and administrative departments, they received advanced local and international training, especially in European partner countries such as Greece, Spain and Germany. The college can now receive various cases of students with disabilities and provide them with the necessary assistance to enable them to access information, curricula, and various digital and smart devices.

The technical staff gave presentations and explanations about the systems, equipment and programs that were provided to the unit through the project, methods of using them, and the assistance they provide for various types of disabilities among students.