Edu4all Disability as Diversity

Disability as Diversity :The Inclusion of Students
with Disabilities in Higher Education

Project Launched to Empower Students with Disabilities

University of Jordan
A new innovative project named “Edu4All” was launched on November 16 2020, with an aim to empower students with disabilities academically socially, and psychologically.
The project, which is funded under the Erasmus+ programme, seeks to build the capacity of students with disabilities through inclusive education and successful participation.
Furthermore, it aims to build the capacity of staff, develop the existing curricula, and provide accessibility for students with disabilities through the use of assistive technologies, in order to ensure the provision of a high quality educational experience and to ensure sustainability.
Project Coordinator Dr. Ismail Al Taharwa said “Edu4All” is implemented in partnership between higher education institutions from the region and the European Union (EU).
He added that the aim of this project is to transfer the EU experiences in this regard, to improve the level of university education and services provided to students with disabilities in higher education institutions of the region, by identifying shortages in services provided to them and provide solutions to address them.
According to Al Taharwa, the project includes building a platform equipped with tools that facilitate the participation of students with disabilities in all stages and aspects of the learning process.
The project is run by the Palestine Technical University – Kadoorie, in partnership with two community colleges from Palestine, the University of Jordan, Irbid National University, as well as two universities from the EU and a vocational training institute specialized in preparing educational staff and students in issues that pertain to higher education.