Edu4all Disability as Diversity

Disability as Diversity :The Inclusion of Students
with Disabilities in Higher Education

San Sebastian, Donostia, Development Training

Group picture with Telmo irureta in the Basque University

UPV/EHU – Spain, Jan 10th -14th 2022

The University of The Basque Country – UPV/EHU organized and hosted an intensive training workshop under the theme of “Details of the Organization and the Management of the Accessibility Unit in Spain”. All Edu4ALL partners attend the event from the 10th to 14th of January 2022 in San Sebastian-Donostia, city, Spain. UPV/EHU Team members welcomed all participants and professionally presented and discussed highly relevant topics during the five days training with six hours training sessions daily.

The training started with a warm welcome by Prof.  Nestor Garay Vitoria, Dr Myriam Arrue Recondo, Dr. Edurrne Larraza Mendiluze, and Dr. Sandra M Espin Tello. Highly competent staff of the UPV/EHU presented the management and the organization of the accessibility unit in Spain in general and in UPV/EHU with more elaboration of the corresponding legalization and regulations. They presented their experience with dealing with students with disability and the developed services through the accessibility unit. Also, they introduced several inspiring success stories that were realized.

During the last two days of the training, two innovative NGOs were invited to the campus and shared their experience with the Edu4ALL partners. Additionally, three exploratory field trips were organized by UPV/EHU team. The first trip was to the Education Museum of the UPV/EHU, which makes known the historical memory of education in the Basque Country.  The next visit was to Hegalak Sports center, a fully equipped unit mainly dedicated to serving people with disability and located at the amazing beach of La Concha in San Sebastian-Donostia. The last trip was to the UPV/EHU Gipuzkoa campus library. UPV/EHU team introduced services provided by the accessibility unit to the student through the library.

By the end of the training, Prof. Txelo Ruiz, former Vice-rector of Students Affairs and Employability of UPV/EHU, and Prof. Borja Calvo, Vice-dean of External Relationship and Research of the Faculty of Informatics of UPV/EHU closed the training by handling attendance certificates and sharing souvenirs with all attendees. Dr. Eman Draghmi, the Edu4ALL project coordinator sincerely thanked UPV/EHU team and administration for the professional organization and hosting of the event.