Edu4all Disability as Diversity

Disability as Diversity :The Inclusion of Students
with Disabilities in Higher Education

UJ as the leader of the dissemination work package organized the first webinar entitled Edu4ALL

webinar assistive technology

As a part of dissemination, on the 15th of February 2022, UJ as the leader of the dissemination work package organized the first webinar entitled “Edu4ALL:  Empowering and Including Students with disabilities in Higher Education”. The main aim of the webinar is to introduce the Edu4ALL project and to promote the inclusion of students with disabilities in higher education. It aims at raising the awareness and illustrating the role of inclusive education and its impact for building the capacity of students with disabilities. More than 150 participants attended the webinar.

Dr. Ismail, the host, opens the webinar and welcomes all attendees. He introduces the speakers of the webinar: Dr. Eman Daraghmi (the project coordinator) from PTUK, Dr. Georgios Kouroupetroglou from UoA, and Dr Nestor Garay from UPV/EHU. Dr. Eman gave a presentation to introduce the Edu4ALL and illustrate the project main goals and objectives which is establishing an “Inclusive Education Unit” or Accessibility Unit that follows the international standards with the objective of equality in Education Activities, and Services for students with disabilities. Edu4All is an innovative project to empower students with disabilities academically, socially, and psychologically through 4 goals: 1) reach; 2) development; 3) equity quality;4) sustainability. Edu4ALL aims to reach students with disabilities and to build their capacity by including them in universities programs and increasing the successful participation of them; to build the capacity of staff (lecturers administrative, and technician) and to ensure they are well trained for teaching and serving students with disabilities; to ensure that the educational experiences that students receive are high quality; and to ensure sustainability. The institution and classroom will operate on the premise that students with disabilities are as fundamentally competent as students without disabilities. Therefore, all students can be full participants in their classrooms and in the local institution community. Dr. Georgios Kouroupetroglou from UoA gave a presentation about assistive technologies and digital accessibility. Dr. Nestor from UPV/EHU presented the University Level Services for students with disabilities. Fruitful Discussion and questions took place during the webinar.