Edu4all Disability as Diversity

Disability as Diversity :The Inclusion of Students
with Disabilities in Higher Education

UPV/EHU organized and hosted the fifth training workshop of Edu4ALL project

Group of trainers front of the UPV/EHU University at spain

University of Basque country (UPV/EHU) organized and hosted the fifth training workshop of Edu4ALL project. Training lasted five days from Mar. 6th 2023 to Mar. 10th 2023. Over 40 professional academic administrative, and technical staff from all partners attended the training. Dr Nestor Garay Vitoria opened the training welcoming all attendees and emphasizing on the key themes of the training and how it complements the previous four training workshops, especially last workshop in San 
Sebastian and previous training in Athens.

Training was absolutely practical, it addressed the issues related to generating accessible versions of academic materials and the required accommodations. Online class was made utilizing Moodle LMS platform. A distinct account was made for each attendee. All training material and exercises were uploaded to the online class. Daily training was divided into two sessions. Morning session was allocated to deliver the training material. Afternoon session was allocated to practice, problem solving, idea sharing, and brainstorming.

On the first day of the training, Dr. Nestor Garay Vitoria introduced Universal Design for Learning and Dr. Myriam Arrue Recondo introduced the barrier walkthrough method. The second day was mostly devoted to generating different kind of accessible documents such as MS word documents adapting tables, figures, charts, equations, and all other illustrative elements. Generation of accessible portable document format 
(PDF) and the required accomodation to make MS-Power point presentations accessible, how to generate accessible sheets in charts in MS Excel, and the required accommodations to generate accessible tweets mostly introduced by Dr. Nestor Garay Vitoria and Dr. Myriam Arrue Recondo. The main topic for the third day was to generate accessible video streams, explained by Dr. Xabier Gardeazabal. On the fourth day of the training, Dr. Edurne Larraza Mendiluze, discussed the required accommodations to build an accessible online course utilizing Moodle LMS platform together with a number of compatible assistive technology plugins to improve accessibility of online Moodle courses. On the last day of the training, UPV/EHU invited Dr. Zurine de Anzola Guerra, UPV/EHU graduate student. Dr. de Anzola Guerra shared her experience as a blind student who accomplished multiple degrees across several academic institutions in Spain Venezuela, and the USA. Further, she evaluated several samples of the accessible material prepared by the attendees of the training. At the end, Dr de Anzola Guerra answered questions by the attendees and provided constructive suggestions and recommendations as a universal accessibility professional to increase the impact of Edu4ALL project in Palestine and Jordan.