Edu4all Disability as Diversity

Disability as Diversity :The Inclusion of Students
with Disabilities in Higher Education

University of Jordan (UJ) has held a training workshop in the UJ, Amman

UJ -Amman training Ismail AL-Taharwa with all staff

Edu4ALL team of the University of Jordan (UJ) has held a training workshop in the UJ, Amman campus on Wednesday , December 29, 2021. The workshop aims at raising awareness about the Edu4ALL objectives among academic staff and relevant school administrative. The Assistant Deans for Student Affairs of all academic faculties, representatives of Quality Assurance Unit and the Deanship of Student Affairs were all invited to the workshop. During the workshop, Dr. Ismail AL-Taharwa has talked about the concepts of inclusive design and design for all. Furthermore, He has discussed the alternative approaches that are applicable in the UJ case. Dr. Khaled Aldebei has talked about the requirements of inclusive education from students with disability perspective. He has also presented some information about how to prepare an accessible educational material. Dr. Nazeeh Ghatasheh has presented examples of assistive technologies with particular focus on inclusive education. Furthermore, he has breifly introduced some of the expected equipments that are to be bought for the Edu4ALL.